“Les haricots ne sont pas salés”

Packing Dance Floors Since 1989

MotorDude Zydeco plays the infectious dance music of the Creole people of Southwest Louisiana known as “zydeco.” Having performed in a wide variety of venues throughout the Bay Area and beyond, the band has developed a strong following of dancers who practice the traditional waltzes, two-steps, and zydeco-shuffle dance styles.

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No musicians were injured during the making of this website

the longest-running funkiest zydeco band this side of the Rockies!


When MotorDude Zydeo plays, it's a dance floor party!

Rave Reviews

"From the first notes of the Bay Area-based openers Motordude Zydeco Band, everyone's feet had plenty to do. It's party music, first and foremost."
-- Los Angeles Times

"Motordude Zydeco is the real deal. When they start up that button box sound the house is packed and everyone is moving. Every year our festival goers clamor to have them back."
-- Scott Goree, Cotati Accordion Festival

25 Years, Hundreds of Festivals & Stages

LONDON: Bottom Line   RENO: Nuggett   DENMARK: Skagen Music Festival   SAN FRANCISCO: Slim's, Great American Music Hall, Paradise Lounge   FLORIDA: Fort Lauderdale Crawfish Festival   LOS ANGELES: Music Machine   SEATTLE: Tractor Tavern, Crystal Ballroom   SACRAMENTO: Sacramento Jazz Jubilee   BERKELEY: Ashkenaz   FREMONT: Ardenwood Cajun Zydeco Festival   SAN JOSE: San Jose Jazz Festival
and more!

Named after Motor Dude, a horse owned by the late, great zydeco master Boozoo Chavis, the band has taken Mr. Chavis’ words of wisdom to heart:
“If you do something long enough, it gets good!”

Original Motor Dude

Original Lineup

Same Old Billy